Mark Singerman | About
Photography is one of the most beautiful and meaningful forms of artistic expression of the modern age, and, since 2007, my natural curiosity found a home in the tens of thousands of hours spent learning about and practicing the fine art of photography. Not only does it allow me to express myself through the physical expression of how I see the world around me, but it also allows me to indulge my nostalgia by capturing a single moment of the present and making it eternal. Rest assured that taking a picture is very different than capturing a moment. This is something I have come to learn very well. The best photographers are the ones who capture the world the way they see it, with honesty and wonder. They are the wonderful paradoxes of dreamers capturing reality.

I have come to love and be mystified by the deep impact that photography has had on my personal and professional life. It's been something that has taken me to places across the country and allowed me to travel, it's helped me meet people I never would have met otherwise, and it's brought me to a deeper understanding of myself, the world, and my place in it. So, to anyone I have worked, am working, or will work with, I am truly thankful for your contribution to my career, and I am simply honored to work for and with you to create moments that last forever. I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes.